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Luis Alberto de Cuenca
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Fernando ngel Moreno
Eduardo Segura

Expressions and Explorations
In PortalEditions Expressions, the reader will find new editions of the great classics of imaginative literature written in different langauages over the past centuries.
The publications in the series PortalEditions Explorations are monographs or collections of essays that explore a wide range of themes and topics of imaginative fiction from different epochs and cultural contexts:
Gothic Literature and English Romanticism: Antonio Ballesteros
German Romanticism
Prospectiva: Fernando ngel Moreno
Inklinga: Eduardo Segura y Anna Slack (English editions)
On the works of the writers of the Oxford group known as the Inklings, such as J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, among others.

New Fiction
New Fiction: In this series you will find contemporary fiction, such as the winning novel of 1er Certamen Internacional de Literatura Fantstica, that belongs to the collection Other Worlds.

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